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27Shaw: FINN

…highly sensual and impeccable connections, cute, playful and adventurous…


I availed the “The Explorer” massage package. Finn has no experience and was just trained in the spa. Pictures of therapists are not available as per the Spa’s policy.


Finn was referred to me by the members of our TG Group and I have to agree with the verdict of the members who tried him. The experience was just so good, and it has to have a class of its own. I liked that there is a connection in every move and stroke aside from lots of touches in the privys. The sensuality was just so mesmerizing because he made me feel like he was really into it – the whole experience was just so sexy and exhilarating. He is cute and has this playful aura that vibes with my personality. I have to say that he is definitely on my “My Favourites” list and looking forward to a repeat session plus, I think he is now my new number 1 in my 27Shaw list as Dan and Xander are no longer connected to the spa. The “Outstanding” rating is just so right with the experience I had with him.

Finn was just so sensual that there were lots of touches in the privys and the experience was just so good and memorable. He would probably be the best provider of the “dry hump” routine I have ever experienced in my life.


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