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27 Shaw: XANDER

…sensuality with balanced routines, memorable execution, a cutie, sweet and caring…


I availed the “The Explorer” massage package. Xander has no experience and was just trained in the spa. Pictures of therapists are not available as per the Spa’s policy.


Xander has been with 27Shaw for quite some time now but has been doing “Everyman” only. I like that he was able to deliver really good techniques with consistent pressure on his non-sensual routine. The sensuality was delivered in a very fluid way, and I felt each and every sensual stroke since it was spontaneous. He is sweet and I like his overall demeanour and how he made the entire session light and sensuous. I got him initially for the “Innocent” so we already had a connection on our 2nd time around.

Xander is sweet and really made me feel like the session is just for me. He is a grower I think based on the dry hump routine LOL. He is generous in touching the privys and doing the KFC move.


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