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27 Shaw: EMMAN


I availed the “The Explorer” massage package. Emman is new in the industry and has just been trained by Prince. He is now one of the trainers for the “Explorer” massage. Pictures of therapists are not available as per Spa’s policy.


Emman is part of Batch 1 of therapists. Heard some good reviews but not stellar so I took time to try him. I was encouraged to try him when I saw him while waiting for my therapist two weeks ago and I was drawn to him because he is kind of cute and petite. My experience with Emman has matched all the things that I am looking for especially on how connection should be integrated within the different sensual strokes. Sensuality is not just about stroking your privys but is about the connections you built while doing it. I was super impressed and shocked that a newbie can actually be on my scoreboard of Top Therapists across the metro. I am giving this guy an "OUTSTANDING" final verdict and putting him as my No.1 therapist in 27Shaw. Based on what I have experienced, he deserves to be the trainer for the "Explorer" massage.


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