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27 Shaw: DOMINIC


I availed the “The Everyman” massage package. Dominic already has experience in the spa industry. He used to work in a spa located in Quezon City and was one of the most requested therapists in that spa. Pictures of therapists are not available as per Spa’s policy.


Just a reminder that this review is for a non-sensual massage package which is commonly termed a Combination Massage from other spas. Hands down to Dominic for giving me the best combination massage I've ever had which made me give him an "Outstanding" mark as a final verdict. If you are a frequent goer of the spa he used to work with then you definitely knew him as he got outstanding reviews as well from other clients. My review was just a validation of the numerous good feedback about him. So for the "Everyman" massage package, you need to experience DOMINIC plus he is cute and has this daddy-daddy vibe.


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