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The final results are for the Year 2023!!!


2023 was a year wherein lots of spas have been recovering and we’ve witnessed the business booming month-on-month with some new players entering the spa industry scene. This has been an incredible journey for me to be able to try various spas and massage techniques across Metro Manila. It has been an amazing feat for anyone to come up with a list that can be used as a guide and also to recognize spas and therapists who are doing a great job in this industry.

For the past few months and years, I have experienced almost 390+ therapists from almost 50+ Spas/Massage Parlours across Metro Manila and collated them in my scoreboard. Please take note that I only include those who were able to obtain 6.0 and above on the overall performance score and those who failed to do so – I sent my feedback to the spa directly. Everybody deserves a 2nd chance and I think they deserve the opportunity to grow and perform better.

Reviews are also personal experiences so it is imperative that it should not be treated as all-accurate as each experience varies depending on multiple factors. To give you more context on how I do my reviews, here are some ideas/concepts regarding reviews I made:

  • Ratings are based on statistical range. I opted to use decimal places especially since I have 390+ subjects so I have a lot of therapists to compare and assess which is different if you have less than 100 to assess wherein a single-digit rating would be enough. Hence, this will create an impression that I have been giving high scores – which is somehow true because of the range of subjects I have wherein I have experienced the worst massage a spa-goer could have probably experienced up to the best massage techniques. As I cannot adjust the rating, the remarks have been adjusted so that the Outstanding will now be from 9.8 and above from 9.5 in the past.

  • I do research. I gather feedback before trying a specific spa or therapist. I ask questions as well especially those who tried the therapist already. I compare notes and tabulate then I schedule the therapists I’ll try in the coming days. I have my own biases which means that I prioritise therapists who are qualified for the things I like e.g. Dakota Warrior, Someone who can do numerous touches in the privys, someone who can do KFC

  • I only have limited time so I try only those who have positive reviews already so I can just be a verifier and because of that, you might have an impression that all the therapists I tried are all getting positive write-ups and high ratings – simply because they are already the best from other people who I trust their judgement. This resulted in me creating the Just Simplies Group which is composed of frequent spa-goers who are really into details in judging their massage experiences. I would usually rely on them if I am interested in trying someone.

  • Ratings change from the initial review to the final publication simply because it undergoes calibration. I need to calibrate my specific rating to the rest of my ratings to ensure that I have the most accurate ranking.

  • First impressions last. The first and second try I have is the most crucial part for me in trying a specific spa. I usually would try the best therapists in a spa based on my research and if the experience is unsatisfactory, I tend not to pursue trying the other therapists in the lineup. If my initial tries are satisfactory, I would definitely try everyone in the lineup.



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