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Seabliss: ENZO

…on-point pressure, relaxing and balanced routine, charming and kind…


I availed the “Premium Tidal Wave” massage package. Enzo has previous experience with other spas and has experience in doing nuru massage when he went freelance. The premium Tidal Wave would include manscaping.


Enzo has been in the industry for quite a while now and has experience in doing Nuru massage as a freelance. I don’t have much expectations of his nonsensual routine as I think his forte is on sensual massage. I availed a combination massage package so I would only score it based on what massage I availed. I was satisfied that he could deliver a solid nonsensual massage routine as the pressure was on point and there was fluidity on his overall strokes. I like that even though it was just for a nonsensual massage routine, he was able to incorporate some sensual massages and the wheelbarrow position was done in a very sexy way. He has this charm that exudes a positive aura and with the overall impact of the experience I had, I am giving my experience with him a “Highly Recommended” rating.

Enzo was really good at his craft. I liked that there was this excitement I felt when he did those sensual routines so I am keen to try him on what he can do as a Nuru therapist.


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