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NorthHaven: DENVER

…combination massage w/a hint of sensuality, angelic face, kind & sweet…


I availed the “the VIP” massage package. Denver has just been trained in the spa. He went on a short stint from another spa but went back to North Haven.


I was super satisfied with the combination massage he did since he really exerted effort in ensuring that the entirety of the routine is super relaxing. I appreciate that the pressure is consistent and there is fluidity in the totality of the strokes executed throughout the entire session. The scrub session was really interesting – I have never been scrubbed that thoroughly in my entire spa experience. LOL! With the cohesion of the different strokes, I am inclined to rate the experience as “Highly Recommended”.

Denver is cute in person. He has dad-bod body type but the face was just so angelic in my eyes. I like that he really took time during the entire session to make me feel relaxed. The deed after the session is worth experiencing as he is a pleaser and aimed to really make you feel satisfied.


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