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Horizon: JHUN


I got the Ultimate Massage package. Jhun has no experience and he is relatively new to the industry. He is a relative of one of the Horizon therapists who taught him different massage styles. He has started recently and it has just been months.


He is new in the industry but he was trained by someone I really know who is really good. I love that the routine was executed in a way that the strokes were done fluidly. The warm-up was interesting since I think I may consider it one of the best warm-up routines - it did not feel forced and did not feel that it was done because it has to be there. I like the changes in the rhythm in doing those sensual strokes which I find really nice and sexy. There might be some opportunity in terms of the frequency of touching the privys nonetheless because of the fluidity in the strokes - the overall routine was done in a way that it was just so good. He has this boyish vibe and sweetness which I really appreciated and enjoyed. I would have wanted to be more caring in a way pre- and post- the session. Tagging this experience as “Highly Recommended”.


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