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Horizon: JB


I availed the “The Ultimate” massage package. JB has evolved so much in the technicalities of his sensual strokes, which are the product of his vast experience in the industry.


I gave a perfect score in my overall experience which includes sensuality. He has his own style of doing the different strokes yet integrating the Ultimate Massage routine, especially during the warm-up/dry massage. He has no hesitation in touching your privys and making sure that you enjoy every single moment of the session. I would want more connection but it did not matter since I was moaning the entire time. Even though it is for just a sensual massage package, he was still able to deliver the non-sensual routines as well. The transition of the different strokes could have been improved so that there will be fluidity in the entire routine. He did some stretching and some relaxing massage techniques on the back and the rest of the part of the body. Giving JB an OUTSTANDING mark with a performance score of above 9.90. He is definitely top-notch in terms of sensual massage and the technicality of the entire routine.


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