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Emerence: MAX


impeccable relaxing routine, muscular, Dakota Warrior, handsome and witty


Therapist: MAX




I availed the Signature Massage with Turkish Wash. This is my first time with Max and I saw him before in the spa but was really not able to find time to try him in the past. Finally, the wait was just worth it as my whole experience was just so exciting and memorable. I like him physically, especially with how he looks and with his built. I like his demeanour, especially during our session as you can feel his humility and the desire to really get to know you. The massage techniques were shockingly amazing. I was impressed with how the transition from dry massage to stretching to the actual routine - it was done in a very fluid way. The after-massage session was also nice as he is really a pleaser. I have to give him an Outstanding mark because the experience was just memorable. Plus, he is a member of my Dakota Warriors.

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