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Elite: ENZO

…relaxing routine, consistent pressure, chubby and charming, caring…


I availed the Titan Massage. Enzo has previous experiences from other spas and was trained further with the spa’s signature sensual massage routine.


Enzo has experience in doing sensual massage, so I have some expectations, especially in the transitional strokes. I like that he was able to deliver the individual strokes well however, improvement can be made in the smooth transitions between strokes. I would have wanted more spontaneity to ensure that the whole routine did not feel mechanical. There were minimal touches on the privys which can be improved to elevate the experience. He is chubby and charming. Even though there were opportunities, still the overall experience was nice hence, giving my experience with him as “Recommended”.

Renz has lots of potential so I still believe that he can still improve as time goes by.


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